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Here are some products which we would like to introduce to you.Engineered Oak Flooring Brushed and uv oiled width 190mm thickness 20mm price £43.99


Engineered Oak Brushed & UV Oil 190X20mm 6 mmm Wear Layer Only £43.99 per m2

This is one of our best sellers.

This flooring is lovely and no wonder it's one of our top selling floors, it's a rustic grade wide plank European oak brushed and coated with a uv oil. This floor has an abundance of natural charm, with the added durability that a uv oil and brushing gives. The colouring of this board is "slightly tinted", darker in appearance than most uv oiled floors although it does look a lot darker in the image than it does in real life.

The build of this board is 20mm overall thickness with a thick 6mm wear layer with a multi ply back. We would put this in to the category of a "forever board" because you would never sand through the oak wear layer with normal sanding.

A pack of consists of 4 boards 3 of which are a full length at 1900mm with sometimes 1 being split length in 2 halves.

This floor is suitable for all fitting methods, glueing, nailed and floating and is also suitable for fitting over under floor heating.

We have this in-store at our showroom should you like to come and see it.

Engineered Oak UV Oiled thickness 14mm width 190mm

Oak Engineered UV Oiled flooring 190x14mm Only £28.42 per m2

This is a real great value wide plank floor, at sub £30.00 per m2 pricing.

It's a rustic grade floor and has a uv oil finish, offering greater durability and easier maintenance than a natural oiled floor whilst keeping the look.

The construction is a 190mm wide board with a 3mm wear layer onto 3 layer backing.

The packs contain random length boards ranging from 400- 1800mm in length.

It comes from a brand name manufacturer who offer a 35 year warranty on all of there boards covering it's construction.

Suitable for all fitting methods, what's not to like.

Oak Brushed Lacquered width 155mm thickness 18mm 5mm wear layer £40.99 per m2

 Oak Engineered 155mm Brushed And Lacquered 5mm Wear Layer £40.99 per m2


Oak Engineered smoked brushed lacquered engineered flooring width 155mm thickness 18mm 5 mm wear layer £42.33 per m2

 Oak 155mm Brushed Smoked Lacquered 5mm Wear £42.33 per m2

Above are two of our toughest floors!

If anyone comes in to the showroom an say they want a durable floor for maybe a kitchen or a high use hall, these are the boards I first take them to.

The reasons for this are that apart from colour they both have the same features in common.

  • They both have a 35% coat of lacquer this refers to the thickness most boards have 10%. Meaning they are more better sealed keeping muck and water out and are easier to wipe clean.
  • They are brushed which means the softer fabric of the wood has been scraped out leaving the harder grain more prominent which is harder to scratch.
  • They have a 5mm wear layer which falls into the category of a "forever floor" I'd be surprised if you ever sanded that out.

 These two types of floor are 18mm thick and 155mm wide they are random length and have a good selection of length boards between 400mm and 1200mm not littered with just 400mm.

They are graded as A,B,C,D this refers to how rustic they are so you can expect great variation within this floor from knot free "A" grade through to the rustic "D" grade.

 All products are available for you to see at our Telford showroom or request a free sample.

For any further information please call 01952 872968.